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When your clients have been turned down by the banks, Private Lender Inc. can provide a short term, (one to 3 years) temporary solution while you work with them to find a permanent, low interest, institutional lender. We will find a product that fits their circumstances and needs even when they have credit or job issues. Equity rules!

Contact us: 540, 2710-17 Ave. SE. Calgary Ab. T2A 0P6 Canada

» Mortgage Brokers

We are private lenders, lending our own funds and providing our investors with funding opportunities across Canada! Our head office in Calgary. As licensed mortgage brokers working through MortgagePRO Ltd. we comprise more than a hundred private individuals - lenders that are available only through our organization besides our Instirurional lenders. Email or fax us an application, an appraisal if there is one, a credit bureau report, the reason for the funds, a plan to maintain payments, and an exit strategy. Convince us that what you have planned for your client will work and we will fund.

» Easy to Understand Guidelines

Location:   Urban centers or close to them, acreages
Type:   residential, commercial
Position:   First, second mortgages
LTV:   65% on first, 85% on second mortgages
Rates:   10% and up
Fees:   Lending Fee: from 5%
Credit:  No Beacon score requirement or minimum

You keep 100% of the broker fees

Renewal:   with a minimum 5% fee ( NSF= fee increases)


  interest only one year term


  open with 3 months interest penalty, or as agreed

Commercial file broker fees by mutual Agreement!

A non-refundable application fee due on contact.

Common Sense Underwriting

Credit, job and age issues are only setting the rate; they do not disqualify the borrower. Rates, fees set by property location and clients covenants. No TDS or GDS limits.

Approval in 24 Hours

Brokers Corner:

We are Brokers and Direct Private Mortgage Lenders! We show you how to look at a request with the eye of an investor/lender.
The basics; get an idea...


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